COVID-19 | Publisac is there for Quebec’s economy

COVID-19 | Publisac is there for Quebec’s economy

May 1, 2020 | Publisac


We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. On our end, today more than ever, it is our duty to inform you, guide you and support you in your consumption choices. Our team is proud to have been there, at the heart of the crisis and to continue to be there to allow you to plan your trips, save money, and consult your local information.

The Publisac is a powerful communication tool that has supported retailers in recent weeks in their communication needs. By adapting their message, the retailers have informed the population of their new hygiene measures and will be able to continue to guide them, in the coming weeks, during the gradual reopening of businesses. To make sure you don't miss any of these reopenings, don't forget that you can also consult your region's flyers on our website. The reach of the Publisac did not stop there. We have also contributed to our government's communication efforts and we intend to continue to do so in order to fulfill our mission.

We also supported local newspapers during this difficult and uncertain period so that they could maintain a province wide distribution. As the local press is an essential pillar of public and community life in the regions, we have allowed them to keep you informed every week thanks to our efficient and low-cost distribution.

By maintaining the distribution of Publisac to support essential services, we have protected hundreds of jobs in Quebec. Our vision remains the same, we are vigilant and determined to protect our employees, our activities and our communities. Thank you to our dedicated teams, both those in telework and those that provide door-to-door distribution, for their collaboration and their resilience, week after week.

Finally, the Publisac team is proud to be part of Quebec’s economic recovery by supporting retailers and the local press in their communication with the population, across the province. Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation closely and that we are acting prudently and responsibly to help kick-start the economy without relaunching the pandemic.

A sincere thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

Let’s be united, prudent and responsible. We're going to get out of this together!

Your Publisac team

Updated April 30, 2020