The sweet potato in 10 recipes

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Sweet, crispy and tasty, the sweet potato is a great health alternative to traditional potatoes as it is less caloric. Full of starch, antioxidants, vitamins A-B-C-E, it is prepared in many ways! As an accompaniment, in a dish, in soups, soups or creams, the sweet potato allows a range of possibilities in the kitchen!

Here are 10 ways to cook it

  1. Cream of sweet potato soup with coconut milk and spices
  2. Parmentier of sweet potato, mushrooms and lentils
  3. Cream of sweet potato, ginger and peaches
  4. Sweet potatoes and coral lentils galettes
  5. Barley, sweet-potato and sweet potato salad
  6. Sweet potato spaghetti
  7. Sweet potato falafels
  8. Sweet Potato Chips and Bacon Raita Sauce
  9. Buddha bowl quinoa, chickpeas and sweet potato
  10. Sweet potato gratin

And you, how do you cook the sweet potato?