Patrick Morin hardware advice, January 4th

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Children’s rooms: creating rooms according to specific themes

Many people want to decorate their children’s rooms according to specific themes, knowing full well that they will constitute the child’s universe for the next few years…


Your child’s bedroom will be his lair for a fair while, more so as he grows older! Because of this key fact, we recommend that your choices revolve around what your child likes: if he is passionate about something for which products can be purchased (superheroes, racing, sports, etc.), your job will probably be that much easier. If your child’s interests are a bit more unusual or if items depicting them are harder to find (astronomy, underwater creatures, stamps, computer games, etc.), you will need to put on your creative cloak! Lastly, should he have a wide variety of interests or should these be uncertain, you will need to find a theme for decorating the room that will be different as well as pleasing for both child and parent.

Children’s rooms: creating rooms according to specific themes


Regardless of the theme, avoid overloading your child’s room…
Until preadolescence, this space will be a personal world that you hope your child will not tire of too quickly. If your theme is the latest rage – for example, Disney princess – it could prove easy to let yourself go and acquire countless items (furniture, door handles, bedcovers, curtains, cushions, etc.); this will create the risk that your child may not like the end result!

Keep your decorating frenzy to two or three elements, no more.
Your child loves the sea? Rather than turning his room into an aquarium or building him a bed shaped like a fish, opt for painting his walls blue and choosing decorative lighting and other items that fit the theme (bedcovers, small table, figurines, etc.). The look will still be a marine one, but you will have the possibility of tweaking it over time as your child’s interests evolve.
Play around with wallpaper…
Is your child a fan of the Middle Ages? You can now purchase wallpaper that mimics old stones or wood. This could well create an atmosphere that will inspire your child to build his own world.

Children’s rooms: creating rooms according to specific themes


Last year, your daughter was into Barbies. Now, all she can talk about is Marie Mai or Metallica. So what should you do if her bedroom is pink or mauve and has walls with sparkles? To avoid having to completely redecorate the room with each new “fad”, you would do well to plan for such changing likes from the outset. Choose a theme and decorative elements that will age well and be easily modified over time.

Children’s rooms: creating rooms according to specific themes


Whenever possible:
  • Keep larger furniture pieces neutral (bed, dresser, desk, bookcase);
  • Choose items that can be easily swapped (bedcovers, lamp, cushions);
  • Create a room around one central element such as bedcovers.