IGA Recipe – Grilled chicken & pepperoni calzones from Stefano Faita

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Try this Grilled chicken & pepperoni calzones from Stefano Faita. The recipe comes from IGA. Check out the latest IGA flyer right now! Do not forget to check out our Thursday’s special!

Preparation time 20 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes
Serves 4 calzones


375 mL (1 1/2 cups) pulled cooked chicken
125 mL (1/2 cup) diced pepperoni
60 mL (1/4 cup) diced red onion
250 mL (1 cup) Stefano Faita Marinara Sauce
500 mL (2 cups) shredded mozzarella
80 mL (1/3 cup) chopped fresh basil
1 store-bought pizza dough
1 egg white, beaten
Enough, olive oil for cooking


1. In a large bowl, combine chicken, pepperoni, red onion, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Set aside in fridge. Preheat barbecue to medium-high.
2. Divide dough into four equal portions. Shape each portion into a ball over a work surface sprinkled lightly with flour. Use your hands to flatten each ball and shape into a thin, flat disc.
3. Arrange chicken mixture over half of each disc, leaving about 2.5 cm (1 in.) all around. Brush the edge of the empty half with egg white. Fold over stuffing and press edges with your thumb and the tines of a fork to seal.
4. Let calzones stand for 10 minutes on the counter.
5. Brush calzones and barbecue grill with some oil.
6. Grill calzones for about 5 minutes per side, until you see grill marks and crust is crispy.


Divide dough into eight equal portions to make appetizers!

To make your own homemade pizza dough:

In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the flat beater, combine 1 L (4 cups) of all-purpose flour, 1 package (8 g) of active dry yeast, and 5 mL (1 tsp.) of salt.

At low speed, gently add 425 mL (1¾ cups) of warm water, and 15 mL (1 tbsp.) of olive oil.

Combine with the flat beater until dough forms. Replace flat beater with a dough hook and knead dough for 10 minutes until soft and smooth. If you don’t have a dough hook or electric mixer, knead dough by hand.