Featured food: tempeh

by Solveig McClure Poirier 282 views0

There is not doubt that vegetarian alimentation has known a big boom in the last years. Tofu, edamame, lentils … all these foods have resurfaced and have carved a place in our plates. But do you know the tempeh? Like tofu, it is a vegetable protein that is produced from soy beans and is a great alternative for those who do not like tofu.

Its benefits

Rich in antioxidants and isoflavones, tempeh also contains B vitamins and a great source of fiber. For equivalent portions, it contains more protein, vitamins and minerals than tofu which makes it a healthy choice on several points.

In the kitchen

Marinated, steamed, grilled, the possibilities of preparation are many. Chopped in the food processor, it superbly replaces meat in several dishes such as tacos, meat pies or even a “meat” sauce. Check out our Pinterest board to discover many ways to prepare it!

Check out our Pinterest.

Enjoy your meal!