Buying in bulk to reduce your ecological footprint … and your costs! 

by Solveig McClure Poirier 239 views0

The concept of bulk groceries has grown enormously in recent years to the delight of eco-friendly people. Why? Because the act of wanting to eliminate over-packaging is a long and arduous struggle that is finally beginning to make an impact!

The concept of these grocery stores is very simple. You go there with our pots, bags and bottles that you weigh once in the store and then you buy what you need! In addition to eliminating a lot of packaging, we avoid wastage since we can really choose the quantity of our choice.

But what’s great is that in addition to doing something for the environment, we are reducing our costs. Because yes (!) it costs a lot less to buy in bulk since, obviously, we spend on nothing else but the product. We no longer have to pay the price of a colorful and useless packaging.

Here are some addresses where you can buy bulk:

L’Ère du Vrac
245 rue Soumande, Québec

Bulk Barn
Cette bannière regroupe plus de 250 magasins à travers le Québec!

Vrac et Bocaux
6698 avenue Christophe-Colomb, Montréal

422 rue Jarry est, Montréal

And you, what do you think of bulk groceries?