Best deals in pharmacies this week, December 28th

by Solveig McClure Poirier 250 views0

Here are some interesting finds in the flyers of the week. Do not forget to consult the health advice of the week!

Jean Coutu

Charmin Bathroom Tissue $5.99 Cleaner 3/$5
Face Masks Personelle 2/$5 Alpen Bubble Bath Secrets $3.49

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Arctic Power Detergent 2/$5.50 Cashmere Bathroom Tissue 3/$10
Secret Deodorant $2.99 Listerine $4.99

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Scotties tissue paper $4.99 Toothpaste $3.49
L’Oréal Hair Products $3.99 Q-tips $3.99

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La Parisienne Detergent $9.99 Royal Bathroom Tissue $5.99
Royal tissue paper $0.69   Listerine $4.99

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Cashmere Bathroom Tissue $4.99 Arctic Power Laundry Detergent $4.99
Deodorant Degree 2/$4   Sensodyne toothpaste $3.79

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