Best Deals in grocery stores, December 28th

by Solveig McClure Poirier 309 views0

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Smoked half ham $2.49/lb

Canton Fondue Broth 2/$5

Fondue meat $3.33

Pineapple $2.99

Shrimps crown $7.99

Broccoli $0.99

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Beef Flank $9.99/lb

Red cherries $2.99 lb

Bacon $3,99

Salmon Fillets $7.99/lb

Fondue meat 3/$9.99

Philadelphia Cheese $2.99

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Super C

Roast Beef Roast $3.99

Fresh pork tenderloin $2.99

Ice cream 2/$5

Blueberries 2/5$

Lettuce $1.49

Cantaloupe $1.99

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Blueberries $2.88

Smoked Coho Salmon Nanul $3.88

Pork fillets $2.88 / lb

Astro Yogurt $1.88

Red mangoes $0.88

Clementines with stems and leaves $1.88 / lb

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