Best Deals in grocery stores, December 21st

by Solveig McClure Poirier 323 views0

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Blueberries 2/$5

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet $6.99/lb

Irresistibles Tart $4.99

Fresh pork tenderloin $3.49/lb

Cauliflower $1.99

Cracker barrel cheese $4.99

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Green beans $0.99

Clementines $3.99

Beef filet mignon $10.99

Fondue meat 3/$9.99

Strawberries and raspberries 2/$5

Young frozen turkey  1.39

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Super C

Green grapes $1.99

White eggs 3/$5.50

Young turkey $0.99/lb

Broccoli $0.99

Roast Beef $5.77/lb

Pineapple $2.99ea.

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Skinless chicken breasts  $2.98

Strawberries $2.48

Sirloin Top Roast $3.9/lb

Cook’s Knuckle $1.77/lb

Cooked shrimp $4.98

Ground coffee Van Houtte $7.98

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