Allergies : our best tips

by Solveig McClure Poirier 1,211 views0


You have red eyes, an itchy nose and you spend your day sneezing? You are not alone! In Quebec, 20% of the population suffers from this type of allergy that is commonly called, hayfever. Each spring, these allergies appear when plants and trees release their pollen in the air. In Quebec, one in seven people has an allergic reaction to this exposition. Because spring’s arrival also occurs to be the moment when we start to open the windows, certain precautions should be taken to limit the spread of pollen in the house and limit the symptoms.


Here are a few tips:

In order to decrease pollen exposure, certain behaviors can be promoted at home. First of all, it is suggested to leave the windows closed in the morning as this is when the pollen count in the air is the greatest. Next, make sure to do good dusting in the house. You can also choose to wash your hair before going to bed in order to avoid spreading pollen in your sheets. But if these precautions don’t work, some home remedies can be as effective as drugstore medicine.

Here are a few:

  • Regularly washing your nostrils with saline water
  • Applying cold compresses on the eyes to relieve itching and swelling of the eyes
  • Promote a diet rich in vitamin C
  • Protecting your eyes from pollen by wearing opaque sunglasses
  • Avoid drying clothes on the clothesline, especially is the cord is close to a garden




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