About Publisac.ca


The pre-purchase website of Canadian consumers Publisac.ca is the website of choice for consumers looking for advice on what to buy. It satisfies the needs of a growing online market while demonstrating Publisac.ca's commitment to the environment.

  • Customized content and exclusive promotions
  • Rebates, consumer info, flyers, etc.
  • A wide choice of ad spaces (banners, tips, savings, big box and more)

An eagerly awaited newsletter 148,500 subscribers to its newsletter 100,000 subscribers to its newsletter

The weekly newsletter provides access to almost 100,000 subscribers, with new subscriptions coming in daily.

  • Advertising spaces and advertorials alongside other advertisers
  • The opportunity to send an exclusive newsletter
  • Geographic information systems make it possible to better reach your clientele based on profile or location